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Grammar : Verb
Spell : kuhm
Phonetic Transcription : kʌm

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Définition of come around

Origin :
  • Old English cuman "come, approach, land; come to oneself, recover; arrive; assemble" (class IV strong verb; past tense cuom, com, past participle cumen), from Proto-Germanic *kwem- (cf. Old Saxon cuman, Old Frisian kuma, Middle Dutch comen, Dutch komen, Old High German queman, German kommen, Old Norse koma, Gothic qiman), from PIE root *gwa-, *gwem- "to go, come" (cf. Sanskrit gamati "he goes," Avestan jamaiti "goes," Tocharian kakmu "come," Lithuanian gemu "to be born," Greek bainein "to go, walk, step," Latin venire "to come").
  • The substitution of Middle English -o- for Old English -u- before -m-, -n-, or -r- was a scribal habit before minims to avoid misreading the letters in the old style handwriting, which jammed letters. The practice similarly transformed some, monk, tongue, worm. Modern past tense form came is Middle English, probably from Old Norse kvam, replacing Old English cuom.
  • Remarkably productive with prepositions (NTC's "Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs" lists 198 combinations); consider the varied senses in come to "regain consciousness," come over "possess" (as an emotion), come at "attack," come on (interj.) "be serious," and come off "occur." For sexual senses, see cum.
  • As in improve : verb make or become better
  • As in oblige : verb do a favor or kindness
  • As in rally : verb revive; take a turn for the better
  • As in recover : verb improve in health
  • As in relent : verb die down; let up
  • As in revive : verb start again; bring back to life
  • As in turn : verb revolve, curve
  • As in visit : verb be a guest of
  • As in acquiesce : verb agree with some reluctance
  • As in adapt : verb adjust to a different situation or condition
  • As in reanimate : verb revive
  • As in reawaken : verb revive
  • As in resurrect : verb revive
  • As in revitalize : verb revive
  • As in revivify : verb revive
  • As in comply : verb abide by, follow agreement or instructions
  • As in contract : verb come to terms
  • As in grant : verb authorize, allow
Example sentences :
  • Suppose somebody was to come around and say, 'Seen Lanning?'
  • Extract from : « Way of the Lawless » by Max Brand
  • Anyhow, come around to the back room at Blinkey's to-night, and we'll have a talk.
  • Extract from : « Within the Law » by Marvin Dana
  • "I don't know why you come around bothering me," she said dully.
  • Extract from : « K » by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  • I feared you might try to come around by Fayette, not knowing the Yankees are there.
  • Extract from : « The Cavalier » by George Washington Cable
  • She come around and put her nose dead in the wind just in time.
  • Extract from : « Keziah Coffin » by Joseph C. Lincoln
  • Her menstruation was irregular; did not come around for two months.
  • Extract from : « Treatise on the Diseases of Women » by Lydia E. Pinkham
  • She was in the saddle before Dick could come around to her side to assist her.
  • Extract from : « The Plunderer » by Roy Norton
  • So science has come around in some measure to the dreams of Columbus and Cabot.
  • Extract from : « Little Masterpieces of Science: Explorers » by Various
  • "Come around and see what I've made out of this message," said Matty just then.
  • Extract from : « Pathfinder » by Alan Douglas
  • They may report us, and some of the professors may come around to investigate.
  • Extract from : « The Rover Boys on a Hunt » by Arthur M. Winfield (Edward Stratemeyer)

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