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Grammar : Verb
Spell : geym
Phonetic Transcription : geɪm

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Définition of play the game

Origin :
  • Old English gamen "game, joy, fun, amusement," common Germanic (cf. Old Frisian game "joy, glee," Old Norse gaman, Old Saxon, Old High German gaman "sport, merriment," Danish gamen, Swedish gamman "merriment"), regarded as identical with Gothic gaman "participation, communion," from Proto-Germanic *ga- collective prefix + *mann "person," giving a sense of "people together."
  • Meaning "contest played according to rules" is first attested c.1300. Sense of "wild animals caught for sport" is late 13c.; hence fair game (1825), also gamey. Game plan is 1941, from U.S. football; game show first attested 1961.
  • As in pander : verb cater to, indulge
  • As in play ball : verb cooperate
  • As in accept : verb put up with
  • As in take it : verb accept, endure
  • As in accommodate : verb make, become suitable for something
  • As in yield : verb grant, allow
  • As in adapt : verb adjust to a different situation or condition
  • As in comply : verb abide by, follow agreement or instructions
  • As in conform : verb adjust, adapt

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