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Grammar : Verb
Spell : fawl
Phonetic Transcription : fɔl

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Définition of fall in with

Origin :
  • Old English feallan (class VII strong verb; past tense feoll, past participle feallen) "to fall; fail, decay, die," from Proto-Germanic *fallanan (cf. Old Frisian falla, Old Saxon fallan, Dutch vallen, Old Norse falla, Old High German fallan, German fallen), from PIE root *pol- "to fall" (cf. Armenian p'ul "downfall," Lithuanian puola "to fall," Old Prussian aupallai "finds," literally "falls upon").
  • Most of the figurative senses had developed in Middle English. Meaning "to be reduced" (as temperature) is from 1650s. To fall in love is attested from 1520s; to fall asleep is late 14c. Fall through "come to naught" is from 1781. To fall for something is from 1903.
  • As in join : verb affiliate with organization
  • As in meet : verb happen on
  • As in quadrate : verb agree
  • As in conform : verb adjust, adapt
  • As in agree : verb be similar or consistent
  • As in encounter : verb happen upon
  • As in find : verb catch sight of, lay hands on
  • As in fraternize : verb associate with
  • As in go by : verb adopt, conform
  • As in hit it off : verb get along with

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