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Grammar : Verb
Spell : ik-spohz
Phonetic Transcription : ɪkˈspoʊz

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Définition of expose

Origin :
  • early 15c., "to leave without shelter or defense," from Middle French exposer "lay open, set forth" (13c.), from Latin exponere "set forth" (see expound), altered by confusion with poser "to place, lay down" (see pose (v.1)). Meaning "to exhibit openly" is from 1620s; that of "to unmask" is from 1690s. Photographic sense is from 1839. Related: Exposed; exposes; exposing.
  • verb reveal
  • verb subject to danger
Example sentences :
  • Had the dead come back from the bottom of the sea to expose him?
  • Extract from : « Brave and Bold » by Horatio Alger
  • Is it wise of you to expose yourself so much to the infection?
  • Extract from : « Weighed and Wanting » by George MacDonald
  • You also expose it to the danger of being run over by taxicabs and trains.
  • Extract from : « A Treatise on Parents and Children » by George Bernard Shaw
  • He was vainly entreated not to expose himself to the infection.
  • Extract from : « Cameos from English History, from Rollo to Edward II » by Charlotte Mary Yonge
  • I lose no time, I expose myself to no danger, by this system.
  • Extract from : « Tales And Novels, Volume 8 (of 10) » by Maria Edgeworth
  • Then its heads or pods open into five parts, and expose their cotton to view.
  • Extract from : « The History of Louisiana » by Le Page Du Pratz
  • Expose thy naked and unprotected head to glut his vengeance.
  • Extract from : « Imogen » by William Godwin
  • And why expose yourself to danger if it is possible to avoid it?'
  • Extract from : « A Hero of Our Time » by M. Y. Lermontov
  • It was a cruel oversight to expose us to this horrible fate!
  • Extract from : « Homeward Bound » by James Fenimore Cooper
  • And, hang me if Michael won't expose himself, if he tries to expose me!
  • Extract from : « The Prisoner of Zenda » by Anthony Hope

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