Synonyms for take to

Grammar : Verb
Spell : teyk
Phonetic Transcription : teɪk

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Définition of take to

Origin :
  • 1650s, "that which is taken in payment," from take (v.). Sense of "money taken in" by a single performance, etc., is from 1931. Movie-making sense is recorded from 1927. Criminal sense of "money acquired by theft" is from 1888. The verb sense of "to cheat, defraud" is from 1920. On the take "amenable to bribery" is from 1930.
  • As in like : verb enjoy, be fond of
  • As in care : verb regard highly
  • As in desire : verb want, long for
  • As in fancy : verb love, desire
  • As in favor : verb prefer, like
  • As in habituate : verb prepare, accustom
  • As in hit it off : verb get along with

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