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Grammar : Verb
Spell : uh-pree-shee-eyt
Phonetic Transcription : əˈpri ʃiˌeɪt

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Définition of appreciate

Origin :
  • 1650s, "to esteem or value highly," from Late Latin appretiatus, past participle of appretiare "to set a price to" (see appraise). Meaning "to rise in value" (intransitive) first recorded 1789. Related: Appreciated; appreciating.
  • verb be grateful, thankful
  • verb increase in worth
  • verb recognize worth
  • verb value highly
Example sentences :
  • Flossy, dear Flossy, this is such a difference as even you cannot appreciate!
  • Extract from : « Ester Ried Yet Speaking » by Isabella Alden
  • Mr. Roberts, at least, was prepared to appreciate its transformation.
  • Extract from : « Ester Ried Yet Speaking » by Isabella Alden
  • "Anyhow, I appreciate that hat," was the reply, with a dry chuckle.
  • Extract from : « Within the Law » by Marvin Dana
  • This is what the commentators and critics hitherto have failed to appreciate.
  • Extract from : « The Man Shakespeare » by Frank Harris
  • We should regard and appreciate them as a precious gift of God.
  • Extract from : « An Explanation of Luther's Small Catechism » by Joseph Stump
  • What am I going to say to make you know how I appreciate your lovely, lovely gift?
  • Extract from : « Her Father's Daughter » by Gene Stratton-Porter
  • I can't, you know, though I appreciate your kindness all the same.
  • Extract from : « The Village Watch-Tower » by (AKA Kate Douglas Riggs) Kate Douglas Wiggin
  • I have not seen much of you, but that little is enough to make me appreciate your character.
  • Extract from : « The Black Tulip » by Alexandre Dumas (Pere)
  • She cannot appreciate the good that is in him: she will neither see it, nor value it, nor cherish it.
  • Extract from : « The Tenant of Wildfell Hall » by Anne Bronte
  • He does not seem to appreciate how specialized they are for pleasure.
  • Extract from : « City of Endless Night » by Milo Hastings

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