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Grammar : Verb
Spell : al-uh-keyt
Phonetic Transcription : ˈæl əˌkeɪt

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Définition of allocate

Origin :
  • 1630s, from verbal used of adjective allocate (mid-15c. in legal use), from Medieval Latin allocate (the common first word of writs authorizing payment), imperative plural of allocare "allocate," from Latin ad- "to" (see ad-) + locare "to place" (see locate). Related: Allocated; allocating.
  • verb assign; divide among
Example sentences :
  • It requires keen and discriminating judgment to allocate specimens with passing exactitude as to time and place.
  • Extract from : « Chats on Cottage and Farmhouse Furniture » by Arthur Hayden
  • In Chinese annals two names appear as those of the district and town (I am not able to allocate their application with certainty).
  • Extract from : « The Bbur-nma in English » by Babur, Emperor of Hindustan
  • My specimens also showed these intermediate tendencies and I am unable at present to allocate the specimens to subspecies.
  • Extract from : « Birds from North Borneo » by Max C. Thompson
  • It was accordingly arranged to allocate yards or separate sections of yards, so that one class of tonnage only would be produced.
  • Extract from : « Current History: A Monthly Magazine of the New York Times, May 1918 » by Various
  • Adaptability results from diversity; so does the ability to allocate resources within the dynamic community.
  • Extract from : « The Civilization of Illiteracy » by Mihai Nadin
  • How to allocate ever-scarcer resources amongst these items is a daunting – close to impossible – task.
  • Extract from : « After the Rain » by Sam Vaknin
  • Some will have two, some three, some a number of members; and on what system will you allocate the members to these divisions?
  • Extract from : « Liberalism and the Social Problem » by Winston Spencer Churchill
  • I once intended to allocate a pocket especially for greenbacks, but found it unnecessary.
  • Extract from : « Mince PieAuthor: Christopher Darlington MorleyRelease Date: October 10, 2004 [eBook #13694] » by Christopher Darlington Morley
  • And we have been able to allocate all the haloes so far investigated to one or the other of the known radioactive families.
  • Extract from : « The Birth-Time of the World and Other Scientific Essays » by J. (John) Joly

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