Synonyms for slacken

Grammar : Verb
Spell : slak-uhn
Phonetic Transcription : ˈslæk ən

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Définition of slacken

Origin :
  • early 15c., from slack (adj.) + -en (1). Related: Slackened; slackening.
  • verb decrease
Example sentences :
  • Nor did she slacken her pace as she drew near the house, she only ran more softly.
  • Extract from : « Heather and Snow » by George MacDonald
  • The storm continued all day, but began to slacken in intensity at sunset.
  • Extract from : « A Singer from the Sea » by Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr
  • Her death did not weaken my resolutions nor slacken my ardour.
  • Extract from : « The Memoirs of Madame de Montespan, Complete » by Madame La Marquise De Montespan
  • The yachtsman, however, should not slacken them as for scudding.
  • Extract from : « Boys' Book of Model Boats » by Raymond Francis Yates
  • Nor had the horses any desire to slacken their headlong rush.
  • Extract from : « The Twins of Suffering Creek » by Ridgwell Cullum
  • Plainly he wished the two riders to pass on, but he did not slacken his speed for a moment.
  • Extract from : « The Wild Geese » by Stanley John Weyman
  • You must put your stick deep into the snow to slacken the speed and guide your sleigh.
  • Extract from : « The Land of the Long Night » by Paul du Chaillu
  • Failing this, it should at least slacken the pace of its work and shorten its working day.
  • Extract from : « The Unsolved Riddle of Social Justice » by Stephen Leacock
  • We were gaining on him still, and the heat of the day made him slacken his pace.
  • Extract from : « Dross » by Henry Seton Merriman
  • Then they are wedged tightly into the holes so that they cannot slacken.
  • Extract from : « Ten Books on Architecture » by Vitruvius

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