Synonyms for turn the corner

Grammar : Verb
Spell : kawr-ner
Phonetic Transcription : ˈkɔr nər

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Définition of turn the corner

Origin :
  • late 13c., from Anglo-French cornere (Old French corniere), from Old French corne "horn, corner," from Vulgar Latin *corna, from Latin cornua, plural of cornu "projecting point, end, horn" (see horn (n.)). Replaced Old English hyrne. As an adjective, from 1530s.
  • As in improve : verb make or become better
  • As in modify : verb alter, change
  • As in recuperate : verb improve in health
  • As in shift : verb switch, fluctuate
  • As in transform : verb change completely
  • As in bounce back : verb recuperate quickly

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