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Grammar : Noun
Spell : par-uh-mee-shee-uh m, -shuh m, -see-uh m
Phonetic Transcription : ˌpær əˈmi ʃi əm, -ʃəm, -si əm

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Définition of paramecium

Origin :
  • 1752, Modern Latin Paramecium, the genus name, coined from Greek paramekes "oblong, oval," from para- "on one side" (see para- (1)) + mekos "length," related to makros "long" (see macro-).
  • As in protozoan : noun minute organism
Example sentences :
  • The Paramecium are propagated by spontaneous division, as already described.
  • Extract from : « The Ocean World: » by Louis Figuier
  • Jennings found a number of races of paramecium of different sizes living under natural conditions.
  • Extract from : « A Critique of the Theory of Evolution » by Thomas Hunt Morgan
  • Swimming vigorously in the water, they devote themselves to chasing the Paramecium.
  • Extract from : « The Ocean World: » by Louis Figuier
  • The neurone, however, is a little unicellular animal, like the amoeba or the paramecium.
  • Extract from : « Introduction to the Science of Sociology » by Robert E. Park

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