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Grammar : Verb
Spell : puh-reyd
Phonetic Transcription : pəˈreɪd

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Définition of paraded

Origin :
  • 1650s, "a show of bravado," also "an assembly of troops for inspections," from French parade "display, show, military parade," from Middle French parade (15c.), or from Italian parate "a warding or defending, a garish setting forth," or Spanish parada "a staying or stopping," all from Vulgar Latin *parata, from Latin parere "arrange, prepare, adorn" (see pare), which developed widespread senses in Romanic derivatives. Non-military sense of "march, procession" is first recorded 1670s.
  • verb show off; march
Example sentences :
  • That was why Tillie's romance had only paraded itself before her and had gone by.
  • Extract from : « K » by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  • He paraded the streets, recounting his story to all who would listen to him.
  • Extract from : « The Fortune of the Rougons » by Emile Zola
  • So up to the piazza they paraded and come to anchor in a couple of chairs.
  • Extract from : « The Depot Master » by Joseph C. Lincoln
  • So saying, he led the way to the cabin, where the drawings were paraded upon the table.
  • Extract from : « An Old Sailor's Yarns » by Nathaniel Ames
  • I've led him out by the hand; I have paraded him before you.
  • Extract from : « Lord Jim » by Joseph Conrad
  • I paraded through the streets with a bouquet of rosebuds on my bayonet.
  • Extract from : « The Continental Monthly, Vol. 5, No. 5, May, 1864 » by Various
  • Circumstances have paraded our affairs before the public in some measure.
  • Extract from : « The Rainy Day Railroad War » by Holman Day
  • "You'll never see it paraded by me," I answered, sorrowfully.
  • Extract from : « John Splendid » by Neil Munro
  • The scarlet box cloth got hotter and hotter as we paraded in and about the campus.
  • Extract from : « A Labrador Doctor » by Wilfred Thomason Grenfell
  • The sceptre of Solomon was paraded throughout the camp in solemn procession.
  • Extract from : « Alroy » by Benjamin Disraeli

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