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Grammar : Noun
Spell : puh-rab-uh-luh
Phonetic Transcription : pəˈræb ə lə

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Définition of parabola

Origin :
  • 1570s, from Modern Latin parabola, from Greek parabole "parabola, comparison, analogy; application" (see parable), so called by Apollonius of Perga c.210 B.C.E. because it is produced by "application" of a given area to a given straight line. It had a different sense in Pythagorean geometry. Related: Parabolic.
  • As in curve : noun arched, rounded line or object
Example sentences :
  • He reached the height of the 'parabola,' and is now about to descend.
  • Extract from : « Debts of Honor » by Maurus Jkai
  • Is the orbit that of an ellipse, or a circle, or a parabola?
  • Extract from : « Aether and Gravitation » by William George Hooper
  • You will remember that a Republican State is represented by a parabola.
  • Extract from : « The Romance of Mathematics » by P. Hampson
  • Its actual path will be a curve, which in this case is a parabola.
  • Extract from : « Pioneers of Science » by Oliver Lodge
  • As a matter of fact the path of a projectile in vacuo is only approximately a parabola.
  • Extract from : « Pioneers of Science » by Oliver Lodge
  • The parabola of a comet was perhaps a yet better illustration of the career of humanity.
  • Extract from : « Looking Backward » by Edward Bellamy
  • The vertex of the parabola is at the level of the greatest velocity.
  • Extract from : « Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 14, Slice 1 » by Various
  • The resulting diagram is a curve which is approximately a parabola.
  • Extract from : « A Rational Wages System » by Henry Atkinson
  • A heavy silver match-box was tossed in a parabola through the air.
  • Extract from : « Sonia Between two Worlds » by Stephen McKenna
  • If the air-resistance be neglected, it can be shown that the trajectory is a parabola.
  • Extract from : « The New Gresham Encyclopedia. Vol. 1 Part 3 » by Various

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