Synonyms for disparagement

Grammar : Noun
Spell : dih-spar-ij-muh nt
Phonetic Transcription : dɪˈspær ɪdʒ mənt

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Définition of disparagement

Origin :
  • late 15c., from Old French desparagement, from desparagier (see disparage).
  • noun strong criticism; detraction
Example sentences :
  • It is no disparagement of Walpole to say he is unworthy of you, for who would be worthy?
  • Extract from : « Lord Kilgobbin » by Charles Lever
  • Some disparagement of Jim, I believe—not too loud though, we were too near the house.
  • Extract from : « Lord Jim » by Joseph Conrad
  • Would it not be like a disparagement of Nelly if he were to confess that he had never loved her?
  • Extract from : « Mary Gray » by Katharine Tynan
  • It is no disparagement to truth, that it can only prevail where reason prevails.
  • Extract from : « The Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, 1995, Memorial Issue » by Various
  • It is no disparagement of you or of myself to say that no boy could appreciate you.
  • Extract from : « The Master-Knot of Human Fate » by Ellis Meredith
  • This remark is no disparagement of Macaulay's genius, but a classification of it.
  • Extract from : « Critical Miscellanies, Volume I (of 3) » by John Morley
  • It is no disparagement of the artistic soul to say that it likes manure.
  • Extract from : « Gossamer » by George A. Birmingham
  • The comparison of comfort was also greatly to the disparagement of the coaches.
  • Extract from : « Lives of the Engineers » by Samuel Smiles
  • I have said in the Preface that nothing is known to Earle's disparagement.
  • Extract from : « Microcosmography » by John Earle
  • He hitched his shoulders, and made a grimace of disparagement.
  • Extract from : « The Lady of the Basement Flat » by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey

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