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Grammar : Verb
Spell : kohld
Phonetic Transcription : koʊld

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Origin :
  • Old English cald (Anglian), ceald (West Saxon) "cold, cool" (adj.), "coldness," from Proto-Germanic *kaldaz (cf. Old Frisian and Old Saxon kald, Old High German and German kalt, Old Norse kaldr, Gothic kalds "cold"), possibly a past participle adjective of *kal-/*kol-, from PIE root *gel-/*gol- "cold" (cf. Latin gelare "to freeze," gelu "frost," glacies "ice").
  • Meaning "not strong" (in reference to scent) is 1590s, from hunting. Cold front in weather is from 1921. Cold-call in the sales pitch sense first recorded 1972. Japanese has two words for "cold:" samui for coldness in the atmosphere or environment; tsumetai for things which are cold to touch, and also in the figurative sense, with reference to personalities, behaviors, etc.
  • As in prohibit : verb make impossible; stop
  • As in repress : verb keep back, hold in
  • As in sadden : verb upset, depress
  • As in depress : verb deject, make despondent; exhaust
  • As in deter : verb check, inhibit from action
  • As in discourage : verb dishearten, dispirit
  • As in discourage : verb deter, dissuade; restrain
  • As in dissuade : verb talk out of

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