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Grammar : Noun, verb
Spell : drag
Phonetic Transcription : dræg

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Définition of drag

Origin :
  • mid-15c., from Old Norse draga, or a dialectal variant of Old English dragan "to draw," both ultimately from Proto-Germanic *dragan "to draw, pull," from PIE root *dhragh- "to draw, drag on the ground" (cf. Sanskrit dhrajati "pulls, slides in," Russian drogi "wagon;" but not considered to be directly the source of Latin trahere).
  • Meaning "to take a puff" (of a cigarette, etc.) is from 1914. Related: Dragged; dragging. Drag-out "violent fight" is from c.1859. To drag (one's) feet (1946, in figurative sense) supposedly is from logging, from a lazy way to use a two-man saw.
  • noun bad situation
  • noun a puff while smoking
  • verb haul something to a new place
  • verb move very slowly
Example sentences :
  • We can only crawl along, having to walk and lead the horses, or at least drag them.
  • Extract from : « Explorations in Australia » by John Forrest
  • But he would dash out after her, seize her round the body, drag her back into the shop.
  • Extract from : « The Secret Agent » by Joseph Conrad
  • I caught him by the collar, too; and had to drag him in very much in the way I had done with Lewis.
  • Extract from : « Ned Myers » by James Fenimore Cooper
  • Nothing would do, but to go up into his lair, and drag him out.
  • Extract from : « Welsh Fairy Tales » by William Elliott Griffis
  • It is a pity to drag these poor chaps about from one ambulance to another.
  • Extract from : « My Double Life » by Sarah Bernhardt
  • Pardon, Monseigneur; he swung by the chain of the shoe—the drag.
  • Extract from : « A Tale of Two Cities » by Charles Dickens
  • No, you will fall beneath an explosion of hisses, and drag all of us down with you.
  • Extract from : « The Three Cities Trilogy, Complete » by Emile Zola
  • He clung on for a moment, long enough to drag the god over backward.
  • Extract from : « White Fang » by Jack London
  • Yet he knew that it was not permitted him to pursue and drag them down.
  • Extract from : « White Fang » by Jack London
  • We were defeated, and I am more than ever afraid that Tschauna will attempt to drag me off.
  • Extract from : « The Chinese Fairy Book » by Various

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