Synonyms for afterbirth

Grammar : Noun
Spell : af-ter-burth, ahf-
Phonetic Transcription : ˈæf tərˌbɜrθ, ˈɑf-

Définition of afterbirth

Origin :
  • also after-birth, 1580s, from after + birth.
  • As in bag of waters : noun amniotic sac
Example sentences :
  • She felt another pain now, and pushed out the afterbirth with a groan.
  • Extract from : « Shaman » by Robert Shea
  • All the pots are placed near the spot where the afterbirth was buried.
  • Extract from : « Castes and Tribes of Southern India » by Edgar Thurston
  • Say what you will, their jealousy—if any—is but an afterbirth to their open admiration.
  • Extract from : « Pierre; or The Ambiguities » by Herman Melville
  • As soon as the placenta or afterbirth is ejected this should be removed.
  • Extract from : « The Pig » by Sanders Spencer
  • On my arrival, I found the child and afterbirth all in a pile.
  • Extract from : « New, Old, and Forgotten Remedies: Papers by Many Writers » by Various
  • In all these cases the bacillus was recovered from the afterbirth.
  • Extract from : « Contagious Abortion of Cows » by Ward J. MacNeal
  • In this case the afterbirth must be removed by a quick turn.
  • Extract from : « The Works of Aristotle the Famous Philosopher » by Anonymous
  • After the child is born, the next and last important thing is the coming away of the placenta, or afterbirth.
  • Extract from : « What a Young Husband Ought to Know » by Sylvanus Stall
  • These branching structures are loops of blood-vessels, and they form part of the placenta, or "afterbirth."
  • Extract from : « The Biology, Physiology and Sociology of Reproduction » by Winfield S. Hall
  • Now one of these stones represented her future child and the other represented the afterbirth.
  • Extract from : « Balder The Beautiful, Vol. I. » by Sir James George Frazer

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