Synonyms for afterthought

Grammar : Noun
Spell : af-ter-thawt, ahf-
Phonetic Transcription : ˈæf tərˌθɔt, ˈɑf-

Définition of afterthought

Origin :
  • 1660s, from after + thought.
  • noun idea that occurs after it is timely
Example sentences :
  • I claim it as the price of coming, you know, when I was only an afterthought.
  • Extract from : « The Spenders » by Harry Leon Wilson
  • Then he added as an afterthought: “To hell with Fyles, and all his damned red-coats.”
  • Extract from : « The Law-Breakers » by Ridgwell Cullum
  • He hesitated, then added as an afterthought: “I go away to-morrow.”
  • Extract from : « A Breath of Prairie and other stories » by Will Lillibridge
  • I mentioned, as an afterthought, that Mr. Heathcroft had recommended Bancroft's to me.
  • Extract from : « Kent Knowles: Quahaug » by Joseph C. Lincoln
  • As an afterthought, he added: "And take this fellow with you."
  • Extract from : « Captain Blood » by Rafael Sabatini
  • She added, as if it was an afterthought, that Mrs. Theobald's letter had arrived that morning.
  • Extract from : « Where Angels Fear to Tread » by E. M. Forster
  • Upon an afterthought he added: "There's no reason why he shouldn't meet the Duke, is there?"
  • Extract from : « The Market-Place » by Harold Frederic
  • It had been an afterthought of hers, and partially countered on James.
  • Extract from : « Love and Lucy » by Maurice Henry Hewlett
  • As if by an afterthought, he asked: “Have you any idea of the condition of the mine?”
  • Extract from : « The Plunderer » by Roy Norton
  • The stratagem which I have been describing was an afterthought.
  • Extract from : « The Hunters of the Ozark » by Edward S. Ellis

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