Synonyms for after-noon

Grammar : Noun
Spell : noun af-ter-noon, ahf-; adjective af-ter-noon, ahf-, af-, ahf-
Phonetic Transcription : noun ˌæf tərˈnun, ˌɑf-; adjective ˈæf tərˈnun, ˈɑf-, ˌæf-, ˌɑf-

Définition of after-noon

Origin :
  • c.1300, from after + noon. In 15c.-16c., the form was at afternoon; from c.1600 it has been in the afternoon. Middle English also had aftermete "afternoon, part of the day following the noon meal," mid-14c.
  • As in afternoon : noun period after 12 noon and before sunset
Example sentences :
  • And with this the Quene was called upon to dennar, for it was after-noon.
  • Extract from : « The Works of John Knox, Volume 2 (of 6) » by John Knox
  • Only the other day, coming home from his after-noon's walk, he stopped to admire his house.
  • Extract from : « The Lake » by George Moore
  • In the after-noon the men who had gone out to fish came back.
  • Extract from : « Fifty Famous Stories Retold » by James Baldwin
  • We found but this one into all the rooms of which the sun can come either before- or after-noon.
  • Extract from : « The Letters of William James, Vol. 1 » by William James
  • I have at the moment of going to press just two dollars fifty in specie, which I took off your father this after-noon.
  • Extract from : « Indiscretions of Archie » by P. G. Wodehouse
  • Then Robin made haste to dress himself as a harper; and in the after-noon he stood in the door of the church.
  • Extract from : « Fifty Famous Stories Retold » by James Baldwin
  • I left the same day by the after-noon train having passed about 23 hours with the family in the haunted house.
  • Extract from : « Indian Ghost Stories » by S. Mukerji

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