Antonyms for nower

Grammar : Adj, adv
Spell : nou
Phonetic Transcription : naʊ

Definition of nower

Origin :
  • Old English nu "now, at present, immediately; now that," also used as an interjection and as an introductory word; common Germanic (cf. Old Norse nu, Dutch nu, Old Frisian nu, German nun, Gothic nu "now"), from PIE *nu "now" (cf. Sanskrit and Avestan nu, Old Persian nuram, Hittite nuwa, Greek nu, nun, Latin nunc, Old Church Slavonic nyne, Lithuanian nu, Old Irish nu-). Perhaps originally "newly, recently," and related to the root of new.
  • Often merely emphatic; non-temporal usage (cf. Now, then) was in Old English. The adjective meaning "up to date" first recorded 1967, but the word was used also as an adjective in Middle English with the sense "current" from late 14c. Now and then "occasionally" is from 1530s; now or never attested from 1550s.
  • As in modern : adj new, up-to-date
  • As in modish : adj fashionable
  • As in new : adj recent, fresh
  • As in novel : adj new, original
  • As in popular : adj well-known, favorite
  • As in prevalent : adj accepted, widespread
  • As in snazzy : adj stylish
  • As in spiffy : adj stylish
  • As in stylish : adj fashionable
  • As in timely : adj at the right time
  • As in trendy : adj in fashion, style
  • As in ultramodern : adj up-to-date
  • As in up-to-date : adj current
  • As in vogue : adj fashionable
  • As in with it : adj cognizant; stylish
  • As in du jour : adj of the day
  • As in pronto : adj immediately
  • As in existent : adj present
  • As in in : adj fashionable
  • As in latter-day : adj modern
  • As in present-day : adj present
  • As in swank : adj fashionable
  • As in synchronic : adj contemporary
  • As in tony : adj fashionable
  • As in trig : adj fashionable
  • As in up-to-the-minute : adj contemporary
  • As in considering : adj taking everything in mind
  • As in contemporary : adj modern
  • As in current : adj contemporary; common
  • As in fashionable : adj stylish, up-to-date
  • As in fresh : adj new, just produced
  • As in hip : adj fashionable, stylish
  • As in immediate : adj instantaneous; without delay
  • As in tout de suite : adv immediately
Example sentences :
  • Nower 105 deouel ne mon. for mi lif quo hire feader e schal lain his luue.
  • Extract from : « Selections from early Middle English, 1130-1250 » by Various

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