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Grammar : Adj
Spell : uhn-soo-tuh-buh l
Phonetic Transcription : ʌnˈsu tə bəl

Definition of unsuitable

Origin :
  • 1590s, from un- (1) "not" + suitable. Related: Unsuitably; unsuitability.
  • adj not proper, inappropriate
Example sentences :
  • I speak, of course, in ignorance of the details, and they may be unsuitable on both sides.'
  • Extract from : « Little Dorrit » by Charles Dickens
  • It was the point of view which was unsuitable, not the meaning which was absent!
  • Extract from : « Cleo The Magnificent » by Louis Zangwill
  • We cannot use the cotton, as it is unsuitable for our hosiery yarns.
  • Extract from : « Bremen Cotton Exchange » by Andreas Wilhelm Cramer
  • Now every melody is right when it has suitable harmony and rhythm, and wrong when unsuitable.
  • Extract from : « Laws » by Plato
  • Young man, you have chosen an unsuitable place to cut your jokes!'
  • Extract from : « Jack Hinton » by Charles James Lever
  • The spirit of freedom that prevailed there was unsuitable to his constitution.
  • Extract from : « Breaking Away » by Oliver Optic
  • She has had a most unsuitable education for a person in her rank of life.
  • Extract from : « Mary Gray » by Katharine Tynan
  • She thought the mention of it most unsuitable at such a season.
  • Extract from : « A Houseful of Girls » by Sarah Tytler
  • He was at bottom the most unsuitable man who could be found for such a work.
  • Extract from : « The Civilisation of the Renaissance in Italy » by Jacob Burckhardt
  • If this hour and day were unsuitable, would he kindly arrange others.
  • Extract from : « Love Among the Chickens » by P. G. Wodehouse

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