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Grammar : Adj
Spell : yoo-zhoo-uhl, yoozh-wuhl
Phonetic Transcription : ˈyu ʒu əl, ˈyuʒ wəl

Definition of usual

Origin :
  • late 14c., from Old French usuel (late 13c.), from Late Latin usualis "ordinary," from Latin usus "custom" (see use). The usual suspects is from a line delivered by Claude Rains (as a French police inspector) in "Casablanca" (1942).
  • adj common, typical
Example sentences :
  • On this day, however, Philothea's mind was less serene than usual.
  • Extract from : « Philothea » by Lydia Maria Child
  • Anaxagoras retained his usual bland expression and meek dignity.
  • Extract from : « Philothea » by Lydia Maria Child
  • There was another debate over Spring, who had followed his master as usual.
  • Extract from : « The Armourer's Prentices » by Charlotte M. Yonge
  • "Count me in, please," said Blanche, in her usual vein of frankness.
  • Extract from : « Malbone » by Thomas Wentworth Higginson
  • As usual, balm was on his lips, and I found encouragement and support.
  • Extract from : « Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, No. 327 » by Various
  • Hannah has just now brought me from the usual place your favour of yesterday.
  • Extract from : « Clarissa, Volume 1 (of 9) » by Samuel Richardson
  • The usual working force of the House of Lords is from thirty to forty members.
  • Extract from : « The Grand Old Man » by Richard B. Cook
  • It was undoubtedly a facer; but Scottie came back in his usual calm manner.
  • Extract from : « Way of the Lawless » by Max Brand
  • It was not in Vavasor's usual taste: he had forgotten his best manners.
  • Extract from : « Weighed and Wanting » by George MacDonald
  • One night she appeared in Hester's room as usual before going to bed.
  • Extract from : « Weighed and Wanting » by George MacDonald

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