Synonyms for adding machine

Grammar : Noun

Définition of adding machine

  • noun calculating machine
Example sentences :
  • "I use an adding machine," she half whispered, and it made me chuckle.
  • Extract from : « The Million-Dollar Suitcase » by Alice MacGowan
  • I simply had to learn music; and I learned it like the adding machine.
  • Extract from : « Miss Billy » by Eleanor H. Porter
  • He is also the inventor and patentee of the Lindholm & Peterson adding machine.
  • Extract from : « Fifty Years In The Northwest » by William Henry Carman Folsom
  • I do better with an adding machine down on Wall Street than a typewriter.
  • Extract from : « The Voice on the Wire » by Eustace Hale Ball
  • He held them behind him and his fingers fairly galloped as he used them for an adding machine.
  • Extract from : « Four Little Blossoms at Oak Hill School » by Mabel C. Hawley
  • All the latest banking machinery was in operation, including the coin separator and counter and wrapper, and the adding machine.
  • Extract from : « The Soul of John Brown » by Stephen Graham
  • I worked an imaginary account under colored direction, using the adding machine, and gave assent to its infallibility.
  • Extract from : « The Soul of John Brown » by Stephen Graham
  • The new device, the adding machine, has greatly lessened office drudgery.
  • Extract from : « Business English » by Rose Buhlig
  • Having installed an adding machine, our office work could be done in half the time.
  • Extract from : « Business English » by Rose Buhlig
  • One of the latest developments of the adding machine is a type that will post ledgers and statements.
  • Extract from : « The Wonder Book of Knowledge » by Various

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