Synonyms for accelerator

Grammar : Noun
Spell : ak-sel-uh-rey-ter
Phonetic Transcription : ækˈsɛl əˌreɪ tər

Définition of accelerator

Origin :
  • 1610s, from Latin accelerator, agent noun from accelerare (see accelerate). Motor vehicle sense is from 1900.
  • noun machine for giving charged particles high velocity
Example sentences :
  • Morse shoved the accelerator in and they were thrown back in their seats.
  • Extract from : « The Hour of Battle » by Robert Sheckley
  • The plunging car, with accelerator full on, would be out of control.
  • Extract from : « The Mind Master » by Arthur J. Burks
  • Cloud eased up his accelerator, eased down his mighty brakes.
  • Extract from : « The Vortex Blaster » by Edward Elmer Smith
  • "Say not so," says Barry, steppin' on the accelerator careless.
  • Extract from : « Torchy and Vee » by Sewell Ford
  • As soon as he was out of sight of his pursuers, he shoved down on the accelerator.
  • Extract from : « Damned If You Don't » by Gordon Randall Garrett
  • The alkali sets the reducer in action and is called the accelerator.
  • Extract from : « The Barnet Book of Photography » by Various
  • She had taken her foot off the accelerator, and the car slowed down.
  • Extract from : « Missing at Marshlands » by Cleo Garis
  • "Don't strain anything," Bill advised as he stepped on the accelerator.
  • Extract from : « Dorothy Dixon Wins Her Wings » by Dorothy Wayne
  • Rick kept the accelerator to the floor except on the worst curves.
  • Extract from : « The Golden Skull » by John Blaine
  • He pressed down on the accelerator and the car responded with a flow of power.
  • Extract from : « Double Take » by Richard Wilson

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