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Grammar : Verb
Spell : shuhnt
Phonetic Transcription : ʃʌnt

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Définition of shunt

Origin :
  • early 13c., "to shy, start," perhaps from shunen "to shun" (see shun), and altered by influence of shot or shut. Meaning "to turn aside" is from late 14c.; that of "move out of the way" is from 1706. Adopted by railways from 1842. Related: Shunted; shunting.
  • As in avert : verb thwart; avoid by turning away
  • As in swing : verb move back and forth; be suspended
  • As in switch : verb change, exchange
  • As in turn : verb reverse; change course
  • As in delegate : verb assign responsibility
Example sentences :
  • Its function is to shunt the lift out of the gas, and this it will do without watching.
  • Extract from : « With The Night Mail » by Rudyard Kipling
  • Look at that meter—and I've had to throw in number ten shunt!
  • Extract from : « Spacehounds of IPC » by Edward Elmer Smith
  • All right,” he answered, endeavoring to look unconcerned, “shunt us off.
  • Extract from : « Chasing an Iron Horse » by Edward Robins
  • It would be cowardly to shunt this wretched task off on somebody else.
  • Extract from : « Walter and the Wireless » by Sara Ware Bassett
  • Clear the fishing fleet and shunt the Florence to the rocks with the wind and current.
  • Extract from : « El Diablo » by Brayton Norton
  • Well, we can shunt Mr. Hiltze off 273 a little, if you wish.
  • Extract from : « Eve to the Rescue » by Ethel Hueston
  • But it was not her habit to spare herself, or to shunt her duties.
  • Extract from : « Mollie's Prince » by Rosa Nouchette Carey
  • In fact, a voltmeter is an ammeter which has had its shunt removed or disconnected.
  • Extract from : « Physics » by Willis Eugene Tower
  • Should the shunt box be required, it has to be connected with terminals II.
  • Extract from : « Torpedoes and Torpedo Warfare » by C. W. Sleeman
  • The resistance of the shunt required depends on the resistance of the lamp.
  • Extract from : « How to Make Electrical Machines » by R. A. R. Bennett

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