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Grammar : Verb
Spell : liv
Phonetic Transcription : lɪv

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Définition of live up to

Origin :
  • Old English lifian (Anglian), libban (West Saxon) "to be, to live, have life; to experience," also "to supply oneself with food, to pass life (in some condition)," from Proto-Germanic *liben (cf. Old Norse lifa "to live, remain," Old Frisian libba, German leben, Gothic liban "to live"), from PIE root *leip- "to remain, continue" (cf. Greek liparein "to persist, persevere;" see leave). Meaning "to make a residence, dwell" is from c.1200. Related: Lived; living.
  • According to the Dutch Prouerbe ... Leuen ende laetan leuen, To liue and to let others liue. [Malynes, 1622]
  • To live it up "live gaily and extravagantly" is from 1903. To live up to "act in accordance with" is 1690s, from earlier live up "live on a high (moral or mental) level" (1680s). To live (something) down "outwear (some slander or embarrassment)" is from 1842. To live with "cohabit as husband and wife" is attested from 1749; sense of "to put up with" is attested from 1937. Expression live and learn is attested from c.1620.
  • As in practice : verb carry out; undertake
  • As in promise : verb give word that something will be done
  • As in behave : verb act reasonably, properly
  • As in panegyrize : verb honor
  • As in equal : verb make even, be even with
  • As in follow : verb act in accordance with
  • As in honor : verb recognize, treat with respect

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