Antonyms for mull over

Grammar : Verb
Spell : muhl
Phonetic Transcription : mʌl

Definition of mull over

Origin :
  • "ponder," 1873, perhaps from a figurative use of Middle English mullyn "grind to powder, pulverize," from molle "dust, ashes, rubbish" (c.1300), probably from Middle Dutch mul "grit, loose earth," related to mill (n.1). But Webster's (1879) defined it as "to work steadily without accomplishing much," which may connect it to earlier identical word in athletics sense of "to botch, muff" (1862). Related: Mulled; mulling.
  • As in meditate : verb contemplate
  • As in muse : verb think about, dream
  • As in ponder : verb think about seriously
  • As in puzzle : verb wonder about
  • As in reflect : verb think about
  • As in revolve : verb think about
  • As in ruminate : verb think about seriously
  • As in study : verb contemplate, learn
  • As in think : verb contemplate
  • As in turn over : verb think about seriously
  • As in weigh : verb consider, contemplate
  • As in chew the cud : verb to ruminate
  • As in brood : verb agonize over
  • As in cerebrate : verb think
  • As in chew : verb think about deeply
  • As in lucubrate : verb study
  • As in ratiocinate : verb think
  • As in cogitate : verb think deeply about
  • As in consider : verb turn over in one's mind
  • As in contemplate : verb think about seriously; plan
  • As in deliberate : verb think about seriously; discuss
  • As in excogitate : verb think about seriously
Example sentences :
  • But I've got to mull over it a little before it would make sense.
  • Extract from : « Dave Dawson with the Commandos » by R. Sidney Bowen
  • The third day my feet are not so weary, and while I iron I mull over ideas on women in industry.
  • Extract from : « Working With the Working Woman » by Cornelia Stratton Parker
  • Bab, however, had little time, little opportunity to mull over thoughts like these.
  • Extract from : « Rich Man, Poor Man » by Maximilian Foster
  • Couldn't you come now and mull over the alterations which you are going to make in your MS, and make them after you go back?
  • Extract from : « The Letters Of Mark Twain, Volume 3, 1876-1885 » by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)
  • Never mind all that, Zizi said, impatiently, it wont get us anywhere to mull over that.
  • Extract from : « The Luminous Face » by Carolyn Wells

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