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Grammar : Noun
Spell : gloom
Phonetic Transcription : glum

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Définition of gloom

Origin :
  • c.1300 as a verb, "to look sullen or displeased," perhaps from Scandinavian (cf. Norwegian dialectal glome "to stare somberly"). Not considered to be related to Old English glom "twilight," but perhaps to Middle Low German glum "turbid," Dutch gluren "to leer." The noun is 1590s in Scottish, "sullen look," from the verb. Sense of "darkness, obscurity" is first recorded 1629 in Milton's poetry; that of "melancholy" is 1744 (gloomy in this sense is attested from 1580s).
  • noun melancholy, depression
  • noun darkness, blackness
Example sentences :
  • Its conditions are gloomier, and it consorts more easily with gloom.
  • Extract from : « Weighed and Wanting » by George MacDonald
  • It is a charming spot, even in the gloom of a wintry afternoon.
  • Extract from : « Yorkshire Painted And Described » by Gordon Home
  • This increased his astonishment, and did not lessen the gloom on his face.
  • Extract from : « Ester Ried Yet Speaking » by Isabella Alden
  • But at that moment an inspiration came to lighten the gloom.
  • Extract from : « The Bacillus of Beauty » by Harriet Stark
  • Just a tiny little ray of sunshine had dispelled all the gloom for a minute.
  • Extract from : « Thoroughbreds » by W. A. Fraser
  • The sunshine seemed to come with her into the counting house that was all gloom.
  • Extract from : « Thoroughbreds » by W. A. Fraser
  • The gloom of the night was about him now, and the strange voices of the sea called one to the other.
  • Extract from : « Quaint Courtships » by Various
  • There is nothing of novelty to them in this tacitly shared sense of gloom.
  • Extract from : « In the Valley » by Harold Frederic
  • And quiet—quiet to gloom, did the inn, so noisy overnight, seem by morning.
  • Extract from : « Night and Morning, Complete » by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  • Gloomy is my soul; and all Nature around me partakes of my gloom!
  • Extract from : « Clarissa, Volume 2 (of 9) » by Samuel Richardson

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