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Grammar : Verb
Spell : wingk
Phonetic Transcription : wɪŋk

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Définition of wink at

Origin :
  • Old English wincian "to nod, wink," from Proto-Germanic *wenkanan (cf. Dutch wenken, Old High German winkan, German winken), a gradational variant of the root of Old High German wankon "to stagger, totter," Old Norse vakka "to stray, hover," from PIE *weng- "to bend, curve." The meaning "close an eye as a hint or signal" is first recorded c.1100; that of "close one's eyes to fault or irregularity" first attested late 15c. Related: Winked; winking.
  • As in absolve : verb free from responsibility, duty
  • As in overlook : verb make allowances for
  • As in pardon : verb forgive
  • As in permit : verb allow participation
  • As in tolerate : verb allow, indulge
  • As in trifle : verb toy with; mess around
  • As in bypass : verb avoid
  • As in acquit : verb announce removal of blame
  • As in OK : verb permit
  • As in condone : verb make allowance for
  • As in coquet : verb tease
  • As in disregard : verb ignore; make light of
  • As in excuse : verb forgive, absolve; justify
  • As in flirt : verb make advances toward someone
  • As in forgive : verb stop blame and grant pardon

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