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Grammar : Verb
Spell : gath-er
Phonetic Transcription : ˈgæð ər

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Définition of gather

Origin :
  • Old English gadrian, gædrian "unite, agree, assemble; gather, collect, store up," used of flowers, thoughts, persons; from Proto-Germanic *gadurojan "bring together, unite" (cf. Old English gæd "fellowship, companionship," gædeling "companion;" Middle Low German gadderen; Old Frisian gaderia; Dutch gaderen "to gather," gade "spouse;" German Gatte "husband;" Gothic gadiliggs), from PIE *ghedh- "to unite, join" (see good (adj.). Change of spelling from -d- to -th- is 1500s, reflecting earlier change in pronunciation. Related: Gathered; gathering.
  • verb come or bring together
  • verb be led to believe; infer
  • verb harvest, pick out
  • verb gain, increase
Example sentences :
  • He said "It is Light" and he used the rays of the early sun to gather food for his family.
  • Extract from : « Ancient Man » by Hendrik Willem van Loon
  • But as I gather it, after you shot Bill Dozier you simply sat on your horse and waited.
  • Extract from : « Way of the Lawless » by Max Brand
  • We gather this simply from the opinions we had previously formed of the authors.
  • Extract from : « A Theological-Political Treatise [Part II] » by Benedict of Spinoza
  • Close on our right a twig snapped and I began to gather myself for the spring.
  • Extract from : « The Trail Book » by Mary Austin
  • She is being prepared, as nearly as I can gather, to receive a proposal of marriage.
  • Extract from : « Quaint Courtships » by Various
  • Do you gather the things I need--clothes, money, trinkets, and what not--to be taken with me.
  • Extract from : « In the Valley » by Harold Frederic
  • "Without doubt, he could gather no confidence by witnessing our indifference," he said.
  • Extract from : « The Last of the Mohicans » by James Fenimore Cooper
  • From this we gather that his mind was fertile in expedients.
  • Extract from : « Heroes of the Telegraph » by J. Munro
  • Gather them while the shells are very soft, and rub them all with a flannel.
  • Extract from : « Directions for Cookery, in its Various Branches » by Eliza Leslie
  • Gather the grapes when they are full grown, but before they begin to purple.
  • Extract from : « Directions for Cookery, in its Various Branches » by Eliza Leslie

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