Synonyms for cut and run

Grammar : Verb
Spell : kuht
Phonetic Transcription : kʌt

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Définition of cut and run

Origin :
  • 1520s, "gash, incision," from cut (v.); meaning "piece cut off" is from 1590s; sense of "a wounding sarcasm" is from 1560s.
  • As in abscond : verb run away, depart secretly
  • As in make off : verb flee, run away
  • As in part : verb leave, go away from someone
  • As in run : verb move fast on foot
  • As in break : verb run away
  • As in absquatulate : verb escape
  • As in hightail : verb run
  • As in lam : verb escape
  • As in depart : verb leave, retreat
  • As in escape : verb break away from
  • As in flee : verb run away to escape
  • As in fly : verb escape, flee

Antonyms for cut and run

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