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Grammar : Verb
Spell : skram
Phonetic Transcription : skræm

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Définition of scram

Origin :
  • 1928, U.S. slang, either a shortened form of scramble (v.) or from German schramm, imperative singular of schrammen "depart." Related: Scrammed; scramming.
  • verb leave quickly
Example sentences :
  • To the girls she said, “Scram, if you want me downstairs in two minutes.”
  • Extract from : « The Mystery at Dark Cedars » by Edith Lavell
  • Gibbering, I tried to get away, to flee or scram, but it was too late.
  • Extract from : « Futuria Fantasia, Spring 1940 » by Various
  • The big idea is, can we grab a plane and scram away from this tub?
  • Extract from : « Dave Dawson on Guadalcanal » by Robert Sydney Bowen
  • We've got to get back to the jeep and scram out of here fast.
  • Extract from : « The Secret of the Ninth Planet » by Donald Allen Wollheim
  • "Let's scram before they catch it," Hall said, but he was too late.
  • Extract from : « The Five Arrows » by Allan Chase
  • One of the men caught sight of him and said, "Hey kid, scram!"
  • Extract from : « The Fourth R » by George Oliver Smith
  • We ought to abandon the Glory to her place in the sun and scram out of here in the lifeboatsevery last person aboard ship.
  • Extract from : « A Place in the Sun » by C.H. Thames
  • And there was nothing for Sahr to do but "scram," which is a quaint Earth term for making one's departure hurriedly.
  • Extract from : « The Fantasy Fan September 1933 » by Various
  • "Yeah—she'll be here, all right, thanks to you—scram—" answered Evelyn, as he went out the door.
  • Extract from : « Hookers » by Richard F. Mann

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