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Grammar : Verb
Spell : akt
Phonetic Transcription : ækt

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Définition of acted out

Origin :
  • mid-15c., "to act upon or adjudicate" a legal case; 1590s in the theatrical sense, from Latin actus, past participle of agere (see act (n.)). To act up "be unruly" is from 1903. To act out "behave anti-socially" (1974) is from psychiatric sense of "expressing one's unconscious impulses or desires." Related: Acted; acting.
  • As in perform : verb act, depict as entertainment
  • As in personify : verb represent some other being, character
  • As in act up (misbehave) : verb misbehave badly
  • As in act up : verb misbehave
  • As in signalize : verb gesture
  • As in gesture/gesticulate : verb make signs, motions to communicate
  • As in impersonate : verb pretend to be another
Example sentences :
  • He had, in fancy, acted out just such a scene while on his hopeful way to Paris.
  • Extract from : « Donald and Dorothy » by Mary Mapes Dodge
  • Such is the gospel that is acted out in the commercial world to-day.
  • Extract from : « A California Girl » by Edward Eldridge
  • I believe he acted out of pure childishnesshaving a tendency to hysteria.
  • Extract from : « Metapsychical Phenomena » by J. Maxwell
  • And the one who kept peeking at us as we acted out our movie scenes?
  • Extract from : « Dan Carter and the Haunted Castle » by Mildred A. Wirt
  • Those who had known had acted out their own tragedy to the end and were gone with their secret.
  • Extract from : « Greifenstein » by F. Marion Crawford
  • It is true that she also acted out that sense—acted fully, decidedly.
  • Extract from : « Life Without and Life Within » by Margaret Fuller
  • The story was also dramatized and acted out over and over again.
  • Extract from : « Primary Handwork » by Ella Victoria Dobbs
  • The drama of political vengeance was acted out a l'outrance.
  • Extract from : « The Last Laird of MacNab » by Various
  • The gesturing hands then indicated Raf, acted out the battle which had ensued.
  • Extract from : « Star Born » by Andre Norton
  • I'm just sure, from the way the birds have acted out there all summer, that it is the rattler's den.
  • Extract from : « Freckles » by Gene Stratton-Porter

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