Synonyms for achievable

Grammar : Adj
Spell : uh-cheev
Phonetic Transcription : əˈtʃiv

Définition of achievable

Origin :
  • early 14c., from Old French achever (12c.) "to finish, accomplish, complete," from phrase à chef (venir) "at an end, finished," or Vulgar Latin *accapare, from Late Latin ad caput (venire); both the French and Late Latin phrases meaning literally "to come to a head," from stem of Latin caput "head" (see capitulum).
  • The Lat. caput, towards the end of the Empire, and in Merov[ingian] times, took the sense of an end, whence the phrase ad caput venire, in the sense of to come to an end .... Venire ad caput naturally produced the Fr. phrase venir à chef = venir à bout. ... From this chief, O.Fr. form of chef (q.v.) in sense of term, end, comes the Fr. compd. achever = venir à chef, to end, finish. [Auguste Brachet, "An Etymological Dictionary of the French Language," transl. G.W. Kitchin, Oxford, 1878]
  • Related: Achieved; achieving.
  • adj doable
Example sentences :
  • Everything is possible; but without labour and failure nothing is achievable.
  • Extract from : « David Elginbrod » by George MacDonald
  • There was not much of the night left in which to sleep, even had a semblance of sleep been achievable.
  • Extract from : « The Glimpses of the Moon » by Edith Wharton
  • But with such stability the expansion and balanced growth of international trade is not achievable.
  • Extract from : « After the Rain » by Sam Vaknin
  • It was inconceivable that it could be the practical and achievable cunning of military bullies and strategists.
  • Extract from : « Out To Win » by Coningsby Dawson
  • Some of these aims may not be achievable given the political and technology constraints, but need to be explored.
  • Extract from : « Shock and Awe » by Harlan K. Ullman
  • Only by the possession of treasures these things are achievable, therefore it is laudable in man to strive after wealth.
  • Extract from : « Fairy Tales From all Nations » by Anthony R. Montalba

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