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Grammar : Noun, verb
Spell : nod
Phonetic Transcription : nɒd

Definition of nod

Origin :
  • "to quickly bow the head," late 14c., of unknown origin, probably an Old English word, but not recorded; perhaps related to Old High German hnoton "to shake," from Proto-Germanic *khnudojanan. Meaning "to drift in and out of consciousness while on drugs" is attested from 1968. Related: Nodded; nodding. A nodding acquaintance (1711) is one you know just well enough to greet with a nod.
  • noun gesture of the head
  • verb gesture with head
  • verb fall asleep
Example sentences :
  • With a nod and a smile, Aspasia said, "Continue the music, I pray you."
  • Extract from : « Philothea » by Lydia Maria Child
  • Wanhope assented to the question referred to him with a nod.
  • Extract from : « Quaint Courtships » by Various
  • All that saved her now was the nod of the Judge's head—both had the giving of life and death.
  • Extract from : « The Underdog » by F. Hopkinson Smith
  • A nod from the water seller told that I had reached the end of the journey.
  • Extract from : « It Happened in Egypt » by C. N. Williamson
  • The man by his nod seemed to show he understood what was afoot.
  • Extract from : « Casanova's Homecoming » by Arthur Schnitzler
  • Every one looked at her, and I saw the girls nudge each other and nod in her direction.
  • Extract from : « My Double Life » by Sarah Bernhardt
  • Cornish had known her long enough to permit himself to nod and say nothing.
  • Extract from : « Roden's Corner » by Henry Seton Merriman
  • Beside, does the conduct of beings of a higher order depend upon my nod?
  • Extract from : « Imogen » by William Godwin
  • At a nod from Mrs. Effie I directed the laying out of these.
  • Extract from : « Ruggles of Red Gap » by Harry Leon Wilson
  • He stepped back at Henning's nod, to be replaced by another officer.
  • Extract from : « The Outbreak of Peace » by Horace Brown Fyfe

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