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Grammar : Noun
Spell : per-mish-uhn
Phonetic Transcription : pərˈmɪʃ ən

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Définition of permission

Origin :
  • early 15c., from Latin permissionem (nominative permissio), noun of action from past participle stem of permittere (see permit (v.)).
  • noun authorization, consent
Example sentences :
  • Her visitor had accepted the open door as permission to enter and was standing in the hall.
  • Extract from : « K » by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  • He looked about the company for permission to begin, and then addressed himself to Arrumpa.
  • Extract from : « The Trail Book » by Mary Austin
  • I didn't want to go into this phase of it, but it may explain what, with your permission, I am about to do.
  • Extract from : « The Bacillus of Beauty » by Harriet Stark
  • Well, it doesn't matter; I'll take the horse without his permission.
  • Extract from : « In the Midst of Alarms » by Robert Barr
  • I dare say my mother will consent to it, if I have my father's permission to go.
  • Extract from : « Clarissa, Volume 2 (of 9) » by Samuel Richardson
  • Is not his own flag flying there, and at Malta, not only by his permission, but by his order?
  • Extract from : « The Life of Horatio Lord Nelson » by Robert Southey
  • And the doctor sent up to desire my permission to attend me in my own apartment.
  • Extract from : « Clarissa, Volume 2 (of 9) » by Samuel Richardson
  • Perhaps Antoun Effendi could get permission for a visit to the boat.
  • Extract from : « It Happened in Egypt » by C. N. Williamson
  • "With your permission," he said negligently; and drew the girl aside to the angle of the stairway.
  • Extract from : « The Black Bag » by Louis Joseph Vance
  • I have written to your father asking his permission to ask you to marry me.
  • Extract from : « The Incomplete Amorist » by E. Nesbit

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