Synonyms for tangibleness

Grammar : Noun
Spell : tan-juh-buhl
Phonetic Transcription : ˈtæn dʒə bəl

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Définition of tangibleness

Origin :
  • 1580s, "capable of being touched," from Middle French tangible, from Late Latin tangibilis "that may be touched," from Latin tangere "to touch" (see tangent). Sense of "material" (e.g. tangible reward) is first recorded 1610s; that of "able to be realized or dealt with" is from 1709.
  • noun tangibility
Example sentences :
  • Everything is in form atmospheric, to be photographed for tangibleness to our crude senses.
  • Extract from : « Cupology » by Clara
  • Let us, simply for tangibleness, put the thing as a concrete plan for the reader's consideration.
  • Extract from : « Mankind in the Making » by H. G. Wells
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