Synonyms for banana

Grammar : Noun
Spell : buh-nan-uh
Phonetic Transcription : bəˈnæn ə

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Définition of banana

Origin :
  • 1590s, borrowed by Spanish or Portuguese from a West African word, possibly Wolof banana. The plant was introduced to the New World from Africa in 1516. Top banana, second banana, etc. are 1950s, from show business slang use of banana for "comedian, especially in a burlesque show." Banana split first attested 1920. Banana oil "nonsense" is slang from c.1910.
  • As in joker : noun person who kids, teases
  • As in nonsense : noun craziness, ridiculousness
  • As in straight man : noun comedian who sets up joke
  • As in hooey : noun nonsense
  • As in jokester : noun joker
  • As in quipster : noun joker
  • As in tommyrot : noun nonsense
  • As in comedian : noun funny person, often professional
  • As in comic : noun funny person, often professional
Example sentences :
  • In two bites, or in three at most, he could finish the banana and his hand would be free.
  • Extract from : « Pee-wee Harris » by Percy Keese Fitzhugh
  • "Stick the letter in the banana," he said, holding the banana down.
  • Extract from : « Pee-wee Harris » by Percy Keese Fitzhugh
  • Do you think the government can wait for you to finish a banana?
  • Extract from : « Pee-wee Harris » by Percy Keese Fitzhugh
  • This banana, it's—it's the same as a mail box—you stick the letter in the banana.
  • Extract from : « Pee-wee Harris » by Percy Keese Fitzhugh
  • Some careless youngster had thrown a banana skin on the walk.
  • Extract from : « Sure Pop and the Safety Scouts » by Roy Rutherford Bailey
  • The whole question of the banana industry hinges on the market.
  • Extract from : « The Hawaiian Islands » by The Department of Foreign Affairs
  • But, after all, it was the banana oil the aluminum paint was mixed with that turned the trick.
  • Extract from : « Shorty McCabe » by Sewell Ford
  • The labor of maintenance is more onerous than in the banana zone.
  • Extract from : « The Journal of Negro History, Volume 2, 1917 » by Various
  • The plant belongs to the banana family and grows as large as a small tree.
  • Extract from : « Textiles » by William H. Dooley
  • We were close enough now to hear the voices in the banana grove.
  • Extract from : « The White Invaders » by Raymond King Cummings

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