Synonyms for josher

Grammar : Noun
Spell : josh
Phonetic Transcription : dʒɒʃ

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Définition of josher

Origin :
  • "to make fun of, to banter," 1845, American English, probably from the familiar version of the proper name Joshua, but just which Joshua, or why, is long forgotten. Perhaps it was taken as a typical name of an old farmer. The word was in use earlier than the career of U.S. humorist Josh Billings, pseudonym of Henry Wheeler Shaw (1818-1885), who did not begin to write and lecture until 1860; but his popularity after 1869 may have influence that of the word.
  • About the most originality that any writer can hope to achieve honestly is to steal with good judgment. ["Josh Billings"]
  • Related: Joshed; joshing.
  • As in joker : noun person who kids, teases
  • As in jokester : noun joker
  • As in quipster : noun joker
Example sentences :
  • He 'phoned me once about this, but he's such a josher, and it was such wild-eyed lunacy that I thought he was kidding.
  • Extract from : « Double Trouble » by Herbert Quick
  • "I don't know who that josher is, but I hate to lose him out of town," confided the orator on the trough to those near him.
  • Extract from : « The Landloper » by Holman Day
  • It was a masquerade costume, maybe; that goat Osterman was such a josher, one never could tell what he would do next.
  • Extract from : « The Octopus » by Frank Norris
  • Why, he's Sam Ds; you've heard of Sam, of courseeditor, writer and humoristfamous story-tellerthe biggest 'josher' on earth.
  • Extract from : « On a Donkey's Hurricane Deck » by R. Pitcher Woodward
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