Synonyms for provoker

Grammar : Noun
Spell : pruh-vohk
Phonetic Transcription : prəˈvoʊk

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Définition of provoker

Origin :
  • late 14c., from Old French provoker, provochier (12c., Modern French provoquer) and directly from Latin provocare "call forth, challenge," from pro- "forth" (see pro-) + vocare "to call" (see voice (n.)). Related: Provoked; provoking.
  • As in agent provocateur : noun secret agent
  • As in aggressor : noun attacker
Example sentences :
  • It may too, by negligence, become a provoker of dissension and enmity.
  • Extract from : « The Young Maiden » by A. B. (Artemas Bowers) Muzzey
  • She breaks into an affectionate laugh, and kisses its provoker, who protests.
  • Extract from : « Somehow Good » by William de Morgan
  • Not only was he a great preacher, he was a leader, an inspirer, and a provoker of good.
  • Extract from : « A Backward Glance at Eighty » by Charles A. Murdock
  • Nay, now I have caught you; there was neither inviter, nor provoker, for I was all alone.
  • Extract from : « Dryden's Works (8 of 18): Amphitryon; King Arthur; Cleomenes; Love Triumphant » by John Dryden
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