Synonyms for parthenogenetic

Grammar : Adj
Spell : par-thuh-noh-jen-uh-sis
Phonetic Transcription : ˌpær θə noʊˈdʒɛn ə sɪs

Définition of parthenogenetic

Origin :
  • "reproduction without fertilization," 1849, from Greek parthenos "virgin," of unknown origin, + genesis (see genesis). Related: Parthenogenetic.
  • As in asexual : adj non-sexual
Example sentences :
  • Heterogeny: the alternation of sexual and parthenogenetic generations.
  • Extract from : « Explanation of Terms Used in Entomology » by John. B. Smith
  • They were not merely hermaphroditic, nor androgynous, nor parthenogenetic.
  • Extract from : « Triplanetary » by Edward Elmer Smith
  • He is reputed to have been one of twins, children of the Sun and a maid by parthenogenetic conception.
  • Extract from : « Archeological Expedition to Arizona in 1895 » by Jesse Walter Fewkes
  • Why must those loathsome and parthenogenetic green flies devour the tender roses?
  • Extract from : « The New Gulliver and Other Stories » by Barry Pain
  • Multiplication by budding or by the parthenogenetic production of eggs is not known to occur.
  • Extract from : « Elementary Zoology, Second Edition » by Vernon L. Kellogg
  • The parthenogenetic eggs, as in other Cladocera, develop directly, but the resting eggs give rise to larv of the nauplius type.
  • Extract from : « The Life of Crustacea » by William Thomas Calman
  • Leuckart looks upon these worms as females, and their reproduction as parthenogenetic.
  • Extract from : « Animal Parasites and Messmates » by P. J. Van Beneden
  • Probably the parthenogenetic strain was the form involved in most Pacific areas.
  • Extract from : « The Biotic Associations of Cockroaches » by Louis M. Roth
  • Study of the bisexual and parthenogenetic strains of Pycnoscelus surinamensis (Blattaria: Epilamprinae).
  • Extract from : « The Biotic Associations of Cockroaches » by Louis M. Roth
  • Equatorial plate of segmentation spindle of parthenogenetic egg.
  • Extract from : « Studies in Spermatogenesis (Part 1 of 2) » by Nettie Maria Stevens

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