Synonyms for participants

Grammar : Noun
Spell : pahr-tis-uh-puhnt
Phonetic Transcription : pɑrˈtɪs ə pənt

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Définition of participants

Origin :
  • 1540s, from Latin participantem (nominative participans), present participle of participare "to share in, partake of," from particeps "sharing, partaking" (see participation).
  • noun person who takes part in activity
Example sentences :
  • About eighty spectators, friends of the participants, were present.
  • Extract from : « South American Fights and Fighters » by Cyrus Townsend Brady
  • The debate between the two and the other participants was long and furious.
  • Extract from : « South American Fights and Fighters » by Cyrus Townsend Brady
  • It was suppressed, and five of the participants were hanged.
  • Extract from : « The War in South Africa » by Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Whenever there is to be a negro hunt, there is no lack of participants.
  • Extract from : « Clotelle » by William Wells Brown
  • Disease and famine were taking their toll of the participants in the great adventure.
  • Extract from : « Colorado Jim » by George Goodchild
  • But only a few of the participants of the drive cared to look on.
  • Extract from : « The Octopus » by Frank Norris
  • All the citizens are participants in the sovereign authority.
  • Extract from : « The Complete Essays of C. D. Warner » by Charles Dudley Warner
  • Like most courtrooms, it had a low fence dividing the spectators from the participants.
  • Extract from : « Smugglers' Reef » by John Blaine
  • Before it fell to the ground a volley from the bows of the participants followed.
  • Extract from : « Indian Child Life » by Charles A. Eastman
  • The training required for participants in these sacred games was severe.
  • Extract from : « Historic Tales, vol 10 (of 15) » by Charles Morris

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