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Grammar : Verb
Spell : mount
Phonetic Transcription : maʊnt

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Définition of mount

Origin :
  • c.1300, "to mount a horse;" mid-14c., "to rise up, ascend; fly," from Old French monter "to go up, ascend, climb, mount," from Vulgar Latin *montare, from Latin mons (genitive montis) "mountain" (see mount (n.)). Meaning "to set or place in position" first recorded 1530s. Sense of "to get up on for purposes of copulation" is from 1590s. Related: Mounted; mounting.
  • verb climb
  • verb increase, grow
  • verb affix, frame
Example sentences :
  • From the summit of Mount Margaret the view was very extensive.
  • Extract from : « Explorations in Australia » by John Forrest
  • The burial took place at Mount Auburn on the ensuing Tuesday.
  • Extract from : « Biographical Sketches » by Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • We then made a lodgment on the side of the mount near the stockade.
  • Extract from : « A Sketch of the Life of Brig. Gen. Francis Marion » by William Dobein James
  • If we could not enter the land of Canaan, we could at least behold it from Mount Pisgah.
  • Extract from : « The Roof of France » by Matilda Betham-Edwards
  • If you win on the Chestnut, like as not they'll just give you the winnin' mount.
  • Extract from : « Thoroughbreds » by W. A. Fraser
  • "Another boy will have the mount on Lauzanne," Allis answered.
  • Extract from : « Thoroughbreds » by W. A. Fraser
  • He had been told that the Porters had not given him the mount on Lauzanne because they distrusted him.
  • Extract from : « Thoroughbreds » by W. A. Fraser
  • He ordered the first troop to mount, and the second to cover the retirement.
  • Extract from : « The Story of the Malakand Field Force » by Sir Winston S. Churchill
  • And so the farewells were all made, and I stood in the road prepared to mount.
  • Extract from : « In the Valley » by Harold Frederic
  • They passed the gate which was opened for them and began to mount the slope beyond.
  • Extract from : « Fair Margaret » by H. Rider Haggard

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