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Grammar : Verb
Spell : keep
Phonetic Transcription : kip

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Définition of keeps on

Origin :
  • late Old English cepan "to seize, hold," also "to observe," from Proto-Germanic *kopijanan, but with no certain connection to other languages. It possibly is related to Old English capian "to look," from Proto-Germanic *kap- (cepan was used c.1000 to render Latin observare), which would make the basic sense "to keep an eye on."
  • The word prob. belongs primarily to the vulgar and non-literary stratum of the language; but it comes up suddenly into literary use c.1000, and that in many senses, indicating considerable previous development. [OED]
  • Sense of "preserve, maintain" is from mid-14c. Meaning "to maintain in proper order" is from 1550s; meaning "financially support and privately control" (usually in reference to mistresses) is from 1540s. Related: Kept; keeping.
  • As in know : verb understand information
  • As in persevere : verb keep at; work hard
  • As in pursue : verb persist, persevere
  • As in remain : verb stay, wait
  • As in resume : verb begin again
  • As in abide : verb remain or continue in a state
  • As in continue : verb persist, carry on
  • As in endure : verb continue; be durable
  • As in go on : verb continue
  • As in hammer away/hammer into : verb work hard at

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