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Grammar : Adj, noun
Spell : ih-leet, ey-leet
Phonetic Transcription : ɪˈlit, eɪˈlit

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Définition of elite

Origin :
  • 1823, from French élite "selection, choice," from Old French eslite (12c.), fem. past participle of elire, elisre "pick out, choose," from Latin eligere "choose" (see election). Borrowed in Middle English as "chosen person" (late 14c.), especially a bishop-elect; died out mid-15c.; re-introduced by Byron's "Don Juan." As an adjective by 1852. As a typeface, first recorded 1920.
  • adj best, first-class
  • noun high-class persons
Example sentences :
  • The Elite Confectionery will occupy these premises Dec. 10th.
  • Extract from : « Mixed Faces » by Roy Norton
  • Soon they reached the dirty, plastic front of the Elite Cafe.
  • Extract from : « Foundling on Venus » by John de Courcy
  • But there's very little chance for advancement unless you're one of the elite.
  • Extract from : « Anchorite » by Randall Garrett
  • After all, they would be, as one of their acquaintances said, among the elite of Beldover.
  • Extract from : « The Rainbow » by D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence
  • The elite of the army was in the Netherlands; there he could find what he desired.
  • Extract from : « A Word Only A Word, Complete » by Georg Ebers
  • The first citizen, needless to say, was not there, but the rest of the elite attended.
  • Extract from : « Coniston, Complete » by Winston Churchill
  • Underneath, the platform table was already filled with the elite of the flock.
  • Extract from : « Salem Chapel, v. 2/2 » by Mrs. Oliphant
  • The elite of the capital city own summer homes along this road.
  • Extract from : « The Panama Canal » by Frederic Jennings Haskin
  • Turgenev did not write for the masses but for the elite among men.
  • Extract from : « Rudin » by Ivan Turgenev
  • Well, I'll show you that I can, and get you not only a full house, but the elite of the place.
  • Extract from : « Ahead of the Show » by Fred Thorpe

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