Synonyms for beautiful people

Grammar : Noun

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Définition of beautiful people

  • noun wealthy fashionable people
Example sentences :
  • It is no wonder that the Greeks became the most beautiful people in the world.
  • Extract from : « Mal Moule » by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
  • I think she was as beautiful as most beautiful people, and to Kipps she was altogether beautiful.
  • Extract from : « Kipps » by H. G. Wells
  • It is like beautiful people—who are usually so singularly unbeautiful.
  • Extract from : « Of All Things » by Robert C. Benchley
  • Throughout the rows of beautiful people, the mumbling increased.
  • Extract from : « The Beautiful People » by Charles Beaumont
  • Beautiful people, with great golden eyes and scarlet tunics.
  • Extract from : « Felony » by James Causey
  • I always loved young and beautiful people, and so did my husband.
  • Extract from : « The Story Of Waitstill Baxter » by By Kate Douglas Wiggin
  • I like looking at geniuses, and listening to beautiful people.
  • Extract from : « An Ideal Husband » by Oscar Wilde
  • He heard singing, too, such as fairies make; and he saw some beautiful people, such as those fairies whom he had brought with him.
  • Extract from : « Mopsa the Fairy » by Jean Ingelow
  • He got up and slowly walked onward until near sunset, thinking of nothing but the beautiful people of the Mirage.
  • Extract from : « A Little Boy Lost » by W. H. Hudson
  • Beautiful people are thrilling to me, and Mrs. MacNairn has always seemed more so than any one else.
  • Extract from : « The White People » by Frances Hodgson Burnett
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