Synonyms for advantageousness

Grammar : Noun
Spell : ad-vuh n-tey-juh s
Phonetic Transcription : ˌæd vənˈteɪ dʒəs

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Définition of advantageousness

Origin :
  • 1590s, formed in English from advantage, or else from French avantageux (15c.), from avantage (see advantage). Related: Advantageously; advantageousness.
  • As in utility : noun serviceableness
  • As in opportunism : noun expediency
  • As in expediency : noun appropriateness
  • As in expediency/expedience : noun appropriateness; worth
Example sentences :
  • Sardinia was this, that, and the other of advantageousness, and the Sardi were decent people.
  • Extract from : « Sea and Sardinia » by D. H. Lawrence
  • And why need I speak of the advantageousness, the common participation in which, according to the definition, makes a people?
  • Extract from : « The City of God, Volume II » by Aurelius Augustine
  • On this depends the advantageousness of intensive agriculture (high farming) in every higher stage of civilization.
  • Extract from : « Principles of Political Economy, Vol. II » by William Roscher
  • The three forms differ not in the power of the sovereign, but in their advantageousness.
  • Extract from : « The World's Greatest Books--Volume 14--Philosophy and Economics » by Various

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