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Grammar : Adj
Spell : adjective uh-dept; noun ad-ept, uh-dept
Phonetic Transcription : adjective əˈdɛpt; noun ˈæd ɛpt, əˈdɛpt

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Définition of adept

Origin :
  • 1690s, "completely skilled" from Latin adeptus "having reached, attained," past participle of adipisci "to come up with, arrive at," figuratively "to attain to, acquire," from ad- "to" (see ad-) + apisci "grasp, attain," related to aptus "fitted" (see apt). Related: Adeptly.
  • adj very able
Example sentences :
  • I am an adept in pretending that I don't see, and I don't hear.
  • Extract from : « Her Father's Daughter » by Gene Stratton-Porter
  • Lyttelton was an adept in the artifices of fashionable intrigue.
  • Extract from : « Beaux and Belles of England » by Mary Robinson
  • If my doubts are well founded, he must be an adept in the art of dissimulation.
  • Extract from : « The Politician Out-Witted » by Samuel Low
  • Perhaps I may be able to give you some help in this quest, being myself an adept in Love's lore.
  • Extract from : « The Memorabilia » by Xenophon
  • My grandfather was an adept in both, and knew, besides, the Duke of Orleans well.
  • Extract from : « Gerald Fitzgerald » by Charles James Lever
  • In the act of removing all records and remains of feasts, David became an adept.
  • Extract from : « David Dunne » by Belle Kanaris Maniates
  • He was an adept in the art of insinuation; besides that, he knew "every one."
  • Extract from : « Luttrell Of Arran » by Charles James Lever
  • Willems was a connoisseur in the drink and an adept at the game.
  • Extract from : « An Outcast of the Islands » by Joseph Conrad
  • Not as adept as you in turning heaven and earth to liberate an innocent man.
  • Extract from : « The Harbor of Doubt » by Frank Williams
  • "I certainly am no adept under such circumstances," said the boy.
  • Extract from : « The Fortunes Of Glencore » by Charles James Lever

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