Synonyms for whiz

Grammar : Noun, verb
Spell : hwiz, wiz
Phonetic Transcription : ʰwɪz, wɪz

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Définition of whiz

Origin :
  • "clever person," 1914, probably a special use of whiz "something remarkable" (1908), an extended sense of whizz; or perhaps a shortened form of wizard. Noun phrase whiz kid is from 1930s, a take-off on a radio show's quiz kid.
  • noun very intelligent person
  • verb move quickly by
Example sentences :
  • Then wielding the sword aloft, he made it whiz past Mr. Landor's neck.
  • Extract from : « In the Forbidden Land » by Arnold Henry Savage Landor
  • A flash—a report—and the whiz of a bullet told him that he was observed.
  • Extract from : « Jack Harkaway's Boy Tinker Among The Turks » by Bracebridge Hemyng
  • He was about to go on to say that he wondered if he would be caught at all, when—whiz!
  • Extract from : « Zodiac Town » by Nancy Byrd Turner
  • The other ferry-boats have a comical appearance as they whirl and whiz past us.
  • Extract from : « Lippincott's Magazine, November 1885 » by Various
  • They had not gone many hundred yards before I heard the whiz of a bullet.
  • Extract from : « Adventures in Many Lands » by Various
  • Bang went the gun, whiz went the rocket, almost at the same moment.
  • Extract from : « Black Ivory » by R.M. Ballantyne
  • The school shivered as they saw it whiz straight for the weak point.
  • Extract from : « The Willoughby Captains » by Talbot Baines Reed
  • We had not gained more than a hundred yards when the whiz of an arrow met our ears.
  • Extract from : « The Privateersman » by Frederick Marryat
  • You should have heard me whiz, and seen the electric fur fly!
  • Extract from : « Extract from Captain Stormfield's Visit to Heaven » by Mark Twain
  • And each of the seven lifted up his voice and said, It is a whiz.
  • Extract from : « The Innocents Abroad » by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

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