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Grammar : Adj, noun
Spell : uh-kraws-thuh-bawrd, -bohrd, uh-kros-
Phonetic Transcription : əˈkrɔs ðəˈbɔrd, -ˈboʊrd, əˈkrɒs-

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Définition of across the board

Origin :
  • Old English bord "a plank, flat surface," from Proto-Germanic *burdam (cf. Old Norse borð "plank," Dutch bord "board," Gothic fotu-baurd "foot-stool," German Brett "plank"), from PIE *bhrdh- "board," from root *bherdh- "to cut." See also board (n.2), with which this is so confused as practically to form one word (if indeed they were not the same word all along).
  • A board is thinner than a plank, and generally less than 2.5 inches thick. The transferred meaning "food" (late 14c.) is an extension of the late Old English sense of "table" (cf. boarder, boarding); hence, also, above board "honest, open" (1610s). A further extension is to "table where council is held" (1570s), then transferred to "leadership council, council (that meets at a table)," 1610s.
  • As in inclusive : adj all-encompassing, all-embracing
  • As in sweeping : adj wide-ranging
  • As in widespread : adj extensive
  • As in blanket : adj comprehensive
  • As in across-the-board : adj broad in scope
  • As in comprehensive : adj inclusive
  • As in extensive : adj far-reaching, thorough
  • As in general : adj comprehensive
  • As in all : noun whole; totality

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