Synonyms for accountableness

Grammar : Noun
Spell : uh-koun-tuh-buh l
Phonetic Transcription : əˈkaʊn tə bəl

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Définition of accountableness

Origin :
  • "answerable," literally "liable to be called to account," c.1400 (mid-14c. in Anglo-French); see account (v.) + -able. Related: Accountably.
  • As in liability : noun answerability, responsibility
  • As in obligation : noun responsibility
  • As in openness : noun exposure
  • As in susceptibleness : noun exposure
  • As in vulnerability : noun exposure
  • As in vulnerableness : noun exposure
  • As in duty : noun moral obligation
Example sentences :
  • It is the foundation of all rights and obligations, and of all accountableness; and the notion of it is fixed and precise.
  • Extract from : « Human Personality and its Survival of Bodily Death » by Frederick W. H. Myers
  • He made them under the full and solemn impression of his accountableness to mankind, and the God of nations.
  • Extract from : « Discussion on American Slavery » by George Thompson

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